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Education Trends That Will Drive Virtual Learning in 2021

As schools have been shifting in-person education from classrooms to virtual learning, the importance of accessing education seamlessly from multiple devices (tablets, mobile)  has increased. 65% of the world’s population has access to such devices. How should brands in the higher education space cater to their audiences? Learning experiences need to be continuous, and learning materials need to be device agnostic. Brands in the higher education space need to provide optimal usability while delivering full functionality across the board. Ready to check out what else brands in this space need to pay attention to? 

Importance of Social Media 

Schools need to utilize their social accounts to tell their brand story and deliver up-to-date information (important announcements) based on student needs. This would increase engagement and build a strong relationship between both parties. High-quality and relatable content delivered promptly is also an opportunity to increase brand loyalty. Social media platforms are the best opportunity to recruit new enrollments and continuously support lead generation efforts in a profitable manner. We encourage our clients in this space to show online-presence and actively produce content to help connect with their students and potential students to be. According to TargetX*, 58% of aspiring students utilize social media to check up on schools they’re considering attending.  

Many schools, such as Georgia State University, have been utilizing the Twitter platform to reduce calls into their registration offices. By using chatbots to answer commonly asked questions through social media and websites, schools can enhance their students’ overall admissions process. We predict mobile-first applications such as WhatsApp or texting to become common to interact with students in the enrollment process.  

By providing value and through strategic usage of social platforms, higher education brands can boost conversion rates, build an audience, retain loyal customers, and convert committed students into their brand advocates.  

Increase in Virtual Learning through Private Facebook Groups 

To help build community and brand advocacy, private Facebook groups have been trending now more than ever. Either school help encourage the process by opening new groups or support students on this incentive. As the Facebook platform has now allowed private Facebook groups to live-stream, save, and re-share the group’s content, virtual lectures and distant learning are getting a revamp. It is all about meeting the demand and converting policies and practices to connect better with audiences in today’s age.  Brands need to have a presence where their students spend the most time. 

Need some more direction? 

At WCA Technologies Inc., we are here to support our brands within the higher education space. There is exciting news happening related to the growth of Augmented Reality usage for virtual learning and responsive search ads. If you are interested in building lead generation strategies to increase your client volume and build loyalty, we highly recommend signing up here or emailing us at for more information. 

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