WCA Technologies Inc. has done it all. We successfully built, scaled, and exited online brands for ourselves. 

As your strategic digital business partner, our goal is to support you to build your brand legacy. We already generated 8-figures in revenues for our clients from a variety of industries not limited to Real Estate, eCommerce, Renewable Energy, Finance and Healthcare.

We are focused on serving companies that are ready to expand their success story and create a long-lasting brand. Most of the brands that approach us are realtors looking for sellers, health-care providers wanting to dominate their area, educational institutions ready to certify the next generation and eCommerce brands looking to scale their brand to the next level.

Do You Qualify?
eCommerce Brands: min. $50,000 monthly budget 
Lead Gen Industries: min. $10,000 monthly marketing budget


Paid Advertising & Lead Generation

Paid advertising is a strategically crafted art where data and creativity meets one another. It is also the last step in a profitable marketing process. 

The thoughtful copy paired with the right creative can ignite your audience’s passion and encourage them to take a specific action. Achieving high ROI through paid advertisement is can be possible with A-B testing and setting the correct parameters for the ad.

Our media buyers meticulously balance the margins and cost of running your paid ads, to keep your ad campaigns profitable. Generating leads from your prospective customers is our passion.

Hyper targeted ads delivered at the correct timing that is customized based on what your audience is looking for at a given point in time will lead you to success. We have tested, optimized, and generated profit in variety of industries when it comes to building a successful paid advertising campaign. How will your brand message stand out in a room full of content? Leave the answer to us. We are experts in delivering your brand message with intent and emotion.
We currently manage an average  monthly advertising budget of $565,000 across all of our brands. To get a review of your accounts, click here.

Fully Managed Email Marketing

Maintaining an ongoing relationship and generating interaction between your customers and brand is vital to achieve success in your business.

We define the role of email as an essential marketing tool. Before launching an email campaign, our experts look at your overall business goals. Setting up email marketing objectives, choosing the right email marketing tools, determining your target audience, creating tactics to increase your email subscription list, dividing your list into segments, building an email distribution schedule based on the highest performing times (to increase email open-rate), A-B creative, audience testing, monitor and optimize email campaign results are some of the tasks we execute.

Not every email between customer and brand should be sales driven. We develop, manage, and optimize your email campaigns from building the creative, to segmentation and distribution as mentioned above. With the right schedule and reasons to knock on your customer’s virtual door, you can craft an almost perfect recurring revenue stream from your business’s fan base.

Interested in discussing your email marketing plan? Click here. 

Strategic Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing has evolved into one of the most effective forms of marketing in today’s digital age. Before checking your website, customers immediately check out what your brand presence is on social media. They search for social proof, your creativity, connections, and relationships you built through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok and so on.

Are you able to inspire your customers through social media? Are you providing timely value with social content that enhances their quality of life? Are you making them smile? They determine if they like you based on your social identity.

LIKESSUBSCRIBERSSAVESSHARES and COMMENTS are social proof. The content and context of your post can rally your die-hard fans and convert non-believers for your cause. But what matters is the attention you get, the relationship you build and maintain through social media. As cliché as it may seem, communication is a two-way street. You need to nourish your relationship with your consumers through sincere, transparent, on-going, and thoughtful communication.

Our team of social experts provide content creation and management for our clients from a variety of industries not limited to Real Estate, eCommerce, Renewable Energy, Finance and Healthcare. 

To build a successful social media strategy, click here.

Fully Managed SMS Marketing

With the impact of Covid-19; businesses have rapidly shifted to digital.

The tremendous effect of the pandemic has contributed to the expansion of customer service management fully adapting to a virtual pace. Customers no longer want to wait on the phone to solve their issues.

SMS Marketing as become more important than ever. Shorter resolution times with SMS will positively impact consumer experience; increasing customer loyalty and giving a boost to the bottom line. Around 49 million consumers* opt in to receive text messages from businesses.

To capitalize on the SMS Trends of 2020, we highly recommend signing up and subscribing to our email list. If you are interested in discovering how to successfully shift your customer service to SMS and need help building this channel as an instant value provider, you are at the right spot. For our clients, we assist in determining the roles of SMS marketing based on their business objectives.

SMS can also be used as a tool to keep in touch with the customer to share important information regarding their order, to cross-sell or share customized-timely promotions, provide valuable tips, assist in styling or shopping, and send out alerts for new arrivals. 

To learn more on how to utilize this marketing channel, click here.

Complete Search & SEO Business Strategy

A Search Engine Optimization strategy is essential for any business.

Without a team of experts, it is nearly impossible to build a successful SEO Strategy. Improving your search engine ranking will increase the visibility of your website, enhancing your sales. As WCA Technologies Inc., we focus on strategic planning, implementation, and execution of SEO tactics to help improve the search engine ranking of our clients’ websites.

We provide complete search and SEO Business Strategy for our clients from a variety of industries not limited to Real Estate, eCommerce, Renewable Energy, Finance and Healthcare. Our goal is to provide strategic insight to help increase high-quality content on our client’s website.

High-quality content will improve and boost their search engine ranking and site traffic. Our processes include keyword research (identifying long tail keywords, single word phases, high conversion, low competition keywords etc.) and strategically building and implementing associated content that includes related keywords.

Context is everything and biggest win your brand can achieve is having search engines associate your company name with your industry.

Click here to find out how.

CRO, Landing Pages & Funnels and more...

WCA Technologies Inc. is your full stack digital business partner that combines expertise in ecommerce with traditional business systems. This strategy has proven successful with the select few brands we work with. 

Are you ready to scale your business systems & revenues today?  

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