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What You Need to Know About Paid Social Ad Strategies for Real Estate

Everyday comes with new challenges and changes. However, one thing is constant; social media. 70% of people log onto Facebook every single day. It is the most consistent platform that never fails. This is why it is optimal to utilize Facebook for your Ads. Especially in real estate, it is highly used by many to look for new homes. Oftentimes people look online, more specifically Facebook and Facebook’s Marketplace, before contacting a real estate agent. Some strategies to improve your paid social media ads include targeting an audience, using simple, easy to read copy and captivating graphics, and analyzing your own analytics as well as studying what works for others. 

How do you target the right audience? 

Target the right audience by location, demographics, and interests. Narrow your target with each ad. Are you selling to a millennial buying their first home or a couple finding their retirement home? It is important to appeal to your specific audience. Are they a low income family or someone looking for their summer beach house? There are many ways to target audiences. You can target by zip code, age ranges, income, home ownership, a lookalike audience, and people “likely to move”. You can also use specific location geo-tagging tools including marketing to everyone in a location, people who live in a location, people who were recently in a location, and people traveling in a location. 

What should you say? 

When creating copy for your ads, you want to use simple language in less words. Make your message easy enough for a 4th grader to read, and transparent enough to grab your audience’s short attention spans before they scroll past because they do not want to take time to read an essay. Also, pay attention to psychology. Engage with your audience with positivity and compliments that support their ego. Recognize how hard they work, what they deserve, how well they manage money, how they make great decisions, and how well they take care of their families. You can say these messages in words or with the right graphics. 

Images speak louder than words. 

Captivating graphics are crucial for your advertisements success. Use your already crafted target audience to inspire your graphics. For example, show a loft in a city for the working professional, a rustic home for nature enthusiasts, or a baby room for new parents looking for a larger space. Graphics can expand from conventional single images to drone footage, Facebook Live Tours, videos of properties, or carousel ads to show multiple properties or multiple rooms in a single property. 

Analytics are highly significant and influential. 

Analyze and track your Facebook Analytics to collect beneficial data, such as impressions, clicks, and audience demographics, when designing your advertisements. Study other successful businesses’ ads. Take what works for them and incorporate it into your own advertisement plans. 

Need some more direction? 

With WCA Technologies Inc, we use these intelligent strategies in order to upgrade, and enhance your real estate business to its highest potential. Our expertise is focused on Paid Advertisements such as SEO and Social Media Ad Management. We are here to guide your digital marketing into a profitable and sustainable online presence.

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